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Non-Kink 7.10

Шерлок/Джон. Шерлок и Джон для раскрытия преступления должны провести неделю (ну или ночь) в замке с приведениями, но Джон боится призраков. Шерлок пытается ему доказать, что призраков не существует. Призраки стремятся доказать обратное. Желателен юмор. Джен.

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Шерлок kink meme

Еще одна заявка, которая понравилась и которую не выполнели.

Mycroft left home when he was in his early teens. In an attempt to keep Sherlock from leaving as well, one of his parents (who is a doctor or nurse or something) starts putting poison into Sherlock's food and drink but only enough so that Sherlock is too ill to do much. He can't even go to school (which is why he doesn't know much about astronomy). Eventually Sherlock figures out what's going on and stops eating or drinking till he's well enough to run away.

Years later Mycroft (who never found out about what had happened) forces Sherlock to visit their parents for Christmas. While they're at his parents house Sherlock gets really sick again. John and Mycroft figure out what is wrong and John is really shocked that someone could do something like that to their own kid while Mycroft is really shocked that he'd never realised what was going on.

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Кинк Шерлок

На sherlockkink есть обалденная заявка. Она меня очень торкнула. Стала просто навязчевой идеей. К сожеление ее не исполнили, автор заявки хорошо ее расписал.
I've wanted this forever, and now that we have a tough, modern female character to play with in the form of Sally Donovon...

Sally and Sherlock get into it at a crime scene at an old, run-down 19th century warehouse. Things get heated, and Lestrade sends her to check out another part of the building while Sherlock continues his investigation.

Furious that the freak is getting to stay while she gets sent off to cool down, she's not paying to where she's walking, and ends up stepping on a rotted-out floorboard. The floor gives way, and she ends up falling through, hitting her head and getting knocked unconscious.

When she wakes up, it's morning. Pissed that she was left at the crime scene overnight, Sally climbs out of the hole ready to give her coworkers hell. But instead of a crime scene investigation unit, she sees a number of men in period attire working on machines that were definitely not there the night before. Shocked, she quickly makes her way out of the now-flourishing building, only to find that she is not in 21st century London, but 19th century.

Panic ensues.

Eventually, she stumbles across Baker Street, and recognizing the same building she's ransacked during multiple drug busts, she stops to rest. She sits on the front stoop for a minute to try to get her bearings. But almost as soon as she sits down, the door is flung open, and a pair of legs slam into her back. She is knocked forward, while the legs and body they're attached to somersault over her, landing in a heap on the sidewalk.

The man on the ground rolls onto his back and groans. Sally rushes over to him, apologizing and offering her hand. The mustached man looks up at her in a daze, but eventually takes her hand.

As she helps the man sit up, a voice calls out from behind her. "Really Watson, you should pay more attention to where you're walking."

Sally's hand clenches on the mustached man's arm, and she stares down into his face in horror. Recognition dawning, she turns to look in the direction of the voice.

Sherlock Holmes is staring at her with a slight smile and curiosity gleaming in his eyes.

Sally drops in a dead faint.

Apologies for my rambling. I got a little carried away. :/ Let me try again:

Basically, I want Sally to meet book! or Granada!Holmes and see how brilliant and charming he can be when he's not outright insulting or hostile. I want her to realize that 'her' Sherlock isn't a psychopath, just horribly socially inept and that maybe he’ll grow into the man she meets in Victorian London. I want Holmes going crazy trying to figure out who Sally is, where she's from and how to help her get home. I also want both men completely shocked but impressed (although maybe a bit scandalized ;) by a strong, 21st century woman who can think, fight and shoot a gun as well (or even better) as any man.

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